• Chandler Guo is Angel investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum Classic startups Bitangel including Btc123.com Bitbank.com Jua.com Bw.com Bitfund.pe Richfund.pe etcchain.com

  • ChandlerFund

    I, Chandler Guo, am officially launching an ETC Angel Investment Fund. The minimum investment amount is 10,000 ETC. Fund raising end at 10,000,000 ETC.


    ChandlerFund only invests in projects launch through ICO on the ETC chain.


    The investment is set for three years with guaranteed return on ETC. GP charges 20% carry fee on the profit if ChandlerFund's ETC amount is doubled, otherwise, it is carry-fee free.


    ChandlerFund will start raising funds from 10/01/2016 to 12/24/2016


    ETC address is 0x191a217325fc3f6ac379867b48bde47b21af6413




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    Chandler Guo